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About HackerThink Computer programming blog


Welcome to Hacker Think, An Coding – Decoding Blog.

This blog has the clear intention to make coding simple and learnable to everyone. The readers can get lots of stuff here to make their coding style simple and move their career at next level.

We are here to help a programmer who believes on self-study, they can learn here simple programming techniques and implement it on their projects.

HackerThink blog is providing the subject tutorial for each level of learner.

HackerThink has following subject tutorial to share with readers:



* JavaScript

* JQuery

* Node.js

* Angular.js


* Python

* Ruby

* WordPress


Author and Founder of HackerThink


Hi, I am Satish Kumar. I have done my mastered education in Computer Application as MCA (Master in Computer Application). I believe on “learn and grow together” community, which I always try to build around me.

I have worked for MNCs for five years as IT Engineer and Cyber Security Professional.

Now, I am providing a personal consultant for individuals and Enterprise for various technologies.


I start this blog to help people to learn computer programming in easy steps and move their career towards the north.

Readers can get lots of useful resources on this blog, filtered from marketplaces.