What is Database 

A database can be defined as collection of systematic and meaningful data; a data can be any type of information.

Concept of database comes when we storing data with proper structure for indexing so it can be easy accessible, managed and update.

Data is organized in row, column and table and it is indexed to find relevant information.

A database use query to add, delete, or update data into the tables, which we implement in any applications or use directly on database applications.


What is Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Database management system is sets of instructions to manage large amount of data with structure and relations between objects. It is use to make available data for more users to use and update with relevant information.


These are some benefits of DBMS:

  • Data redundancy in stored data can be reduced
  • No more data inconsistencies
  • Stored data can be shared by a single or multiple users
  • Standards can be set and followed
  • Data integrity maintained
  • Security of data implemented
  • Data independence
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