HTML Basics

Don’t worry about the examples in this chapter that you haven’t learned yet.

You will learn them in the following chapters.

HTML title

HTML heading (Heading) is defined by <h1>-<h6> tags.


<h1> This is a heading 1 </h1> 
<h2> This is a heading 2 </h2> 
<h3> This is a heading 3 </h3>
<h4> This is a heading 4 </h4>
<h5> This is a heading 5 </h5>
<h6> This is a heading 6 </h6>

HTML paragraph

HTML paragraphs are defined by the tag <p>.


<p> This is a paragraph. </p> 
<p> This is another paragraph. </p>

HTML link

HTML links are defined by the tag <a>.


<a href = " "> This is a link </a> 

Tip: Specify the link address in the href attribute.

(You will learn more about attributes in later chapters of this tutorial).

HTML image

HTML images are defined by the tag <img>.


<img loading="lazy" src="/images/logo.png" width="258" height="39" />

Note: The name and size of the image are provided in the form of attributes.