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JavaScritp Tutorial

JavaScript is the programming language of the Web.

All modern HTML pages use JavaScript.

JavaScript is very easy to learn.

This tutorial will teach you to learn from basic to advanced JavaScript knowledge.

JavaScript example

This tutorial contains a lot of JavaScript examples, you can click “Try it” to view the examples online.


HackerThink - JavaScript

My first JavaScript program

You will get date here.

On each page, you can click “Try it” to view examples online! ! !

Try each example, and modify the code online to see different running effects! ! !

If you can learn step by step according to the examples on this site, you will learn JavaScript in a short time.

Why learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the 3 languages ​​that web developers must learn:

  1. HTML defines the content of web pages
  2. CSS describes the layout of a web page
  3. JavaScript page behavior

This tutorial is about JavaScript and introduces how JavaScript works with HTML and CSS.

Who should read this tutorial?

1. If you want to learn JavaScript, you can follow this tutorial:

Learn how JavaScript works with HTML and CSS.

2. If you have used JavaScript before, you can also read this tutorial:

JavaScript has been upgrading, so we need to keep abreast of the new technology of JavaScript.

Before reading this tutorial, what you need to know:

To read this tutorial, you need to have the following foundation:

JavaScript example

Learn more than 100 JavaScript examples!

In the example page, you can click “Try it” to view the JavaScript online example.

JavaScript Quiz

Test your JavaScript skills in the rookie tutorial!

JavaScript Reference Manual

In the rookie tutorial, we provide you with a complete reference manual for JavaScript objects, browser objects, and HTML DOM objects.

The following manual contains examples of each object, attribute, and method.

HTML/CSS/JS online tools

HTML/CSS/JS online tools can edit HTML, CSS, JS code online, and view the effect in real time, you can also save and share high-quality code: 

You can foud here.