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Can Anyone tell me how can i solve this Exception [closed]


Arrays are zero-indexed.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that k is of length 10. What would happen here?:

int x;
char ch[]= k.toCharArray(); //Convert String into character
char p[]=k.toCharArray();    //Convert String into character

ch is now also of length 10, which means its indices range from 0-9. And x is now also 10. Then you do this:


i is 0, so that’s fine. But x is 10. ch only goes from 0-9. Hence the error. You want your upper-bound value to be one less than the length of the string:

x = k.length() - 1;

Take a look at this line:


And then tell me which element is accessed here:


I’m sure you’ll find out for yourself.

class Revers
static void temp(String k)

int x;
char ch[]= k.toCharArray(); //Convert String into character
char p[]=k.toCharArray();    //Convert String into character

x=k.length()-1;//Here is the correction*********************


for(int i=0;i<x;x--,i++) 
p[i]=ch[x]; /*Exception comes   here*/  
public static void main(String... s)

String g="HEllo java";
temp(g); //passig g as argument

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