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How to restrict a Google search to results of a specific language?


You can do that using the advanced search options: http://www.googleguide.com/sharpening_queries.html

I also found this, which might work for you: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-to-see-google-search-results-for-other-locations/25203/

Just wanted to add a more comprehensive answer about language parameters in Google Search.

There are 4 language-related options.

1. Web interface language: hl=

Example: www.google.com/search?q=vilnius&hl=lt

2. Pages in specified language: lr=lang_

Example: www.google.com/search?q=vilnius&lr=lang_lt

3. Pages originating from specified country: cr=country

Example: www.google.com/search?q=vilnius&cr=countryLT
Note that the two country code characters have to be in UPPERCASE ! Otherwise Google ignores the parameter (as of 2017-01-03) (even though lower case works fine for hl= and lr=lang_).

There is another parameter – gl= – for search results as they would appear in specified country. I tried testing it, but for me results were not differing for different parameter values. Maybe that’s obsolete or overwritten by some other paremeters/settings of browser or my Google account.

Web Interface Language Codes

hl=af          Afrikaans
hl=ak          Akan
hl=sq          Albanian
hl=am          Amharic
hl=ar          Arabic
hl=hy          Armenian
hl=az          Azerbaijani
hl=eu          Basque
hl=be          Belarusian
hl=bem         Bemba
hl=bn          Bengali
hl=bh          Bihari
hl=xx-bork     Bork, bork, bork!
hl=bs          Bosnian
hl=br          Breton
hl=bg          Bulgarian
hl=km          Cambodian
hl=ca          Catalan
hl=chr         Cherokee
hl=ny          Chichewa
hl=zh-CN       Chinese (Simplified)
hl=zh-TW       Chinese (Traditional)
hl=co          Corsican
hl=hr          Croatian
hl=cs          Czech
hl=da          Danish
hl=nl          Dutch
hl=xx-elmer    Elmer Fudd
hl=en          English
hl=eo          Esperanto
hl=et          Estonian
hl=ee          Ewe
hl=fo          Faroese
hl=tl          Filipino
hl=fi          Finnish
hl=fr          French
hl=fy          Frisian
hl=gaa         Ga
hl=gl          Galician
hl=ka          Georgian
hl=de          German
hl=el          Greek
hl=gn          Guarani
hl=gu          Gujarati
hl=xx-hacker   Hacker
hl=ht          Haitian Creole
hl=ha          Hausa
hl=haw         Hawaiian
hl=iw          Hebrew
hl=hi          Hindi
hl=hu          Hungarian
hl=is          Icelandic
hl=ig          Igbo
hl=id          Indonesian
hl=ia          Interlingua
hl=ga          Irish
hl=it          Italian
hl=ja          Japanese
hl=jw          Javanese
hl=kn          Kannada
hl=kk          Kazakh
hl=rw          Kinyarwanda
hl=rn          Kirundi
hl=xx-klingon  Klingon
hl=kg          Kongo
hl=ko          Korean
hl=kri         Krio (Sierra Leone)
hl=ku          Kurdish
hl=ckb         Kurdish (Soranî)
hl=ky          Kyrgyz
hl=lo          Laothian
hl=la          Latin
hl=lv          Latvian
hl=ln          Lingala
hl=lt          Lithuanian
hl=loz         Lozi
hl=lg          Luganda
hl=ach         Luo
hl=mk          Macedonian
hl=mg          Malagasy
hl=ms          Malay
hl=ml          Malayalam
hl=mt          Maltese
hl=mi          Maori
hl=mr          Marathi
hl=mfe         Mauritian Creole
hl=mo          Moldavian
hl=mn          Mongolian
hl=sr-ME       Montenegrin
hl=ne          Nepali
hl=pcm         Nigerian Pidgin
hl=nso         Northern Sotho
hl=no          Norwegian
hl=nn          Norwegian (Nynorsk)
hl=oc          Occitan
hl=or          Oriya
hl=om          Oromo
hl=ps          Pashto
hl=fa          Persian
hl=xx-pirate   Pirate
hl=pl          Polish
hl=pt-BR       Portuguese (Brazil)
hl=pt-PT       Portuguese (Portugal)
hl=pa          Punjabi
hl=qu          Quechua
hl=ro          Romanian
hl=rm          Romansh
hl=nyn         Runyakitara
hl=ru          Russian
hl=gd          Scots Gaelic
hl=sr          Serbian
hl=sh          Serbo-Croatian
hl=st          Sesotho
hl=tn          Setswana
hl=crs         Seychellois Creole
hl=sn          Shona
hl=sd          Sindhi
hl=si          Sinhalese
hl=sk          Slovak
hl=sl          Slovenian
hl=so          Somali
hl=es          Spanish
hl=es-419      Spanish (Latin American)
hl=su          Sundanese
hl=sw          Swahili
hl=sv          Swedish
hl=tg          Tajik
hl=ta          Tamil
hl=tt          Tatar
hl=te          Telugu
hl=th          Thai
hl=ti          Tigrinya
hl=to          Tonga
hl=lua         Tshiluba
hl=tum         Tumbuka
hl=tr          Turkish
hl=tk          Turkmen
hl=tw          Twi
hl=ug          Uighur
hl=uk          Ukrainian
hl=ur          Urdu
hl=uz          Uzbek
hl=vi          Vietnamese
hl=cy          Welsh
hl=wo          Wolof
hl=xh          Xhosa
hl=yi          Yiddish
hl=yo          Yoruba
hl=zu          Zulu

Search Language Codes

lr=lang_af    Afrikaans
lr=lang_ar    Arabic
lr=lang_hy    Armenian
lr=lang_be    Belarusian
lr=lang_bg    Bulgarian
lr=lang_ca    Catalan
lr=lang_zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)
lr=lang_zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)
lr=lang_hr    Croatian
lr=lang_cs    Czech
lr=lang_da    Danish
lr=lang_nl    Dutch
lr=lang_en    English
lr=lang_eo    Esperanto
lr=lang_et    Estonian
lr=lang_tl    Filipino
lr=lang_fi    Finnish
lr=lang_fr    French
lr=lang_de    German
lr=lang_el    Greek
lr=lang_iw    Hebrew
lr=lang_hi    Hindi
lr=lang_hu    Hungarian
lr=lang_is    Icelandic
lr=lang_id    Indonesian
lr=lang_it    Italian
lr=lang_ja    Japanese
lr=lang_ko    Korean
lr=lang_lv    Latvian
lr=lang_lt    Lithuanian
lr=lang_no    Norwegian
lr=lang_fa    Persian
lr=lang_pl    Polish
lr=lang_pt    Portuguese
lr=lang_ro    Romanian
lr=lang_ru    Russian
lr=lang_sr    Serbian
lr=lang_sk    Slovak
lr=lang_sl    Slovenian
lr=lang_es    Spanish
lr=lang_sw    Swahili
lr=lang_sv    Swedish
lr=lang_th    Thai
lr=lang_tr    Turkish
lr=lang_uk    Ukrainian
lr=lang_vi    Vietnamese


  • Just add &lr=lang_de to your url:


  • Or use advanced search:


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