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Is this rotating cube interface user-friendly?


I filled in the form with some mainly dummy data (see below) as I know you said this was just a working example. My only real concern with this whole design is that the input fields do not accept input unless that face of the cube is actually visible. I think that would be annoying for most users to be typing into an input field they cannot see and then discover that when that face comes round again that that field has lost all the stuff you typed.

Luke Wroblewski has some great info on his site with respect to signup forms and it’s worth taking a look in order to fine tune the layout. I noticed the street address details were all on one line, and I’d suggest splitting up at least into street and zipcode or postcode, with another optional field for more complex addresses. Check this article on UXMatters for dealing with international addresses in forms.

I’d consider whether you really need to get the social security number at first sign up. If it’s definitely required, then I’d suggest giving some inline help as to why it’s needed as some users can be a bit funny about that sort of detail. If possible consider obtaining information via gradual engagement.

I’d probably choose a less vivid green, as it’s a bit offputting, and change the red text to a different colour. You can use the Colorblind Web Page Filter in order to see how it looks to colour blind users. Don’t be afraid to use more colours – but not too many! Smashing Magazine have a 3 part article on colour theory.

I think the whole concept has a lot going for it and once the main UX issues have been ironed out it’s going to look pretty slick. I think users will love the novelty of it. Sign up forms are so dull these days. This article on A List Apart about why sign up forms must die (again by Luke Wroblewski) is spot on. I think this example might just bang the final nail in the coffin of sign-ups, so good luck with it!

enter image description here

Serious answer: it’s terrible

To improve it, you could make it not be a rotating cube.

The main problem is that I can’t control it. A good user interface makes the user think “hey, I am awesome! Look what I can do!”

This makes me think, “holy crap, I suck. I can’t even fill out a form.” I have to keep a 3D mental model, fill stuff in upside down, and deal with text displaying at an angle. It’s like trying to play guitar with handcuffs on.

If space on the page is a concern, use an accordion form. Then the user can see the whole form, easily gauge their progress, and display only what they need at the moment.

Silly answer: it’s great!

I’m glad to see you freeing forms from their 2D shackles. Can you abstract this into a library that constructs N-sided 3D shapes, where N is the number of form sections I need? If the math is too hard, maybe we can re-arrange our forms to fit easy-to-render shapes – break them into 12 sections instead of 11, etc.

Also, let’s have more blinking lights.

NO. In any way, even if you make it a triangle or any geometrical shape, the answer will be still NO.

I visited your working example (guessing is a beta or something). I tried to fill the form fields without luck. I tried to read what it is written, again with no luck. Then, I closed the tab.

I read again your question, re-visited the cube and exited after 1 sec, saying “you gotta be kidding me”.

Well concluding my answer and in my eyes this is not a good UX. It is far from good. Web is getting easier and easier, why do you want hard things?!

My answer to your question is NO. For sure.

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