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Turning off Google search results indirection


Author’s note (July 2016): The answer below was written in 2011, and is still working in Google Search. I have published new extensions that use a different method to remove the search result indirection, which works on even more Google sites and on mobile.

TL;DR: Don’t track me Google is a user script Don’t track me Google is an extension I made that allows you to copy normal URLs, while hiding the referrer to the sites you’re visiting.


  • “Don’t track me Google” at the Chrome Web Store (updated in 2016).
  • “Don’t track me Google” for Firefox (desktop & Android) (since 2016).
  • “Don’t track me Google” at Userscripts.org (works in Google search only, not updated any more)


I have written a method which replaces the link-modifying rwt function with a bogus function that can’t be touched by Google.

By preventing Google from overwriting the rwt function, the link cannot be modified any more. This method depends on the Object.defineProperty method (Firefox 4+ and Chrome 5+). The fallback requires Firefox 2+ and Chrome 1+.

Firefox 2+

If you only want to remove the link-modifying behaviour, and not care about showing your search queries through the referrer, this GreaseMonkey script can be used:
(very non-strict @include rules using wildcards and the Magic TLD)

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Don't track me Google
// @namespace      Rob W
// @include        http://*.google.tld/*
// @include        https://*.google.tld/*
// @version        1.2
// @grant          none
// ==/UserScript==

"use strict";
if (Object.defineProperty) {
   Object.defineProperty(unsafeWindow,"rwt", {value: function(){return !0;}, writable: false });
} else {
   unsafeWindow.__defineGetter__('rwt',function(){return function(){return !0}});

Google Chrome does not support Magic TLDs, so the closest you can get is *://*.google.com/* (repeat the rule, replace .com with other supported Google TLDs).

In Chrome, scripts have to be injected in the form of a <script> tag, because Content scripts are executed in an “isolated world”.

Chrome & Firefox 2+ – Link to source code

On January 21st, 2012, I published an extended version, which includes a referrer-hiding method, so that others cannot see your search query. This greatly improves your privacy.

  • The mechanism is explained at this answer on Stack Overflow.
  • Additional details are available at the source code and Don’t track me Google description, a user script which fixes the URIs and hides the referrer.

(Update from 2016: this referrer hiding is not needed any more in modern browser because of the referrer policy, which only shows the domain in the Referer header)

See if the userscript found here for Google search works for you. I have been using it for a while now, and it’s been working more often than not for me.
enter image description here

Edit: Here is an addon for Firefox: Google search link fix

Appears the rwt function is invoked upon onmousedown, and thereby rewriting the href. If we could override this behaviour, then we should be set.

In firefox I inserted the following JavaScript into a bookmarklet which can then be executed anytime I wish to prevent the (slighly annoying) link-rewriting on a given Google SERP:

javascript:function rwt(a,f,g,l,m,h,c,n,i){return a};

Edit: Great to see that the userscript @Rob has created and included in his reply takes advantage of this snippet, highly recommended!

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